Hair Weave and Extension Maintenance

How To Keep Your Weave Looking Fabulous For Longer

Getting a weave is a great idea to give your hair a brand new look without taking the risk of cutting your own tresses. Undoubtedly, there’s nothing more breathtaking than a fresh new weave. Keeping that style spectacular demands routine maintenance that will keep you feeling gorgeous and confident. Whether your weave is made of synthetic, human, or virgin, it’s essential to look after it properly. The good thing is that all weave types require the same general care. If you want to keep it looking salon fresh 24*7, weekly shampooing and regular deep conditioning is a must. Keep your weave hair fresh and intact with these great steps.


Tips For Keeping Your Weave Clean:


  1. Shampooing your hair once or twice per week: Always use lukewarm water for shampooing your hair. Take a little amount of shampoo in your palm and lightly massage throughout your scalp and extension. Being gentle with your hair help you disentangle knotted hairs of the head seamlessly.
  • If you’re a fitness enthusiast and regular exercise, shampoo once in a week. You can shampoo your hair every 14 days if you don’t sweat a lot.
  • Since sulfate-free shampoos are great for your weave and the hair underneath, try to use those only.


  1. Wash between your braids with a squirt bottle: Cleaning your braids are important for your overall hair health. Squirt the mixture of shampoo and water overall your braids. Then, gently massage your scalp in between the braids with your fingers. Repeat the process again.
  • Since holding your head upside down can cause tangles, so avoid that.


  1. Deep conditioning your hair: It is important that you condition your weave. It does not only help with curly locks and detangling but help you keep your leave-out hair. Smooth a little amount of shampoo over your hair and gently rub with your fingertips. After that, put a shower cap and wait for 20 minutes.
  • You can use a nozzle bottle if the conditioner is not enough to reach the roots of your hairs.
  • Lightly rinse your hair with warm water, leave-in-conditioner.


  1. Use an anti-bacterial weave spray :

A weave that’s twisted or tangled will take a lot of time to dry than one that’s worn loose. The anti-bacterial shampoo is one of the best ways to keep your weave fresh, kill bacteria, and prevent mildew from developing. Use it once in a day after the shampoo, properly massage it with your fingertips.

Tips For Drying And Styling Your Weave:

Use a wide-tooth comb: A properly washed and conditioned hair makes it easy to comb your hair perfectly. Gently comb your hair from tips to roots to unravel any tangles. If you try too hard with your hair, there are chances to lose the weft and damage your natural hair.

Dry your hair Exhaustively: If you want your weave to be truly clean and free from any mildew smell, it’s better to dry your hair thoroughly. As a braided and twisted weave takes longer to dry and hence leaves your weave vulnerable to mold and bacteria, so don’t forget to dry your hair completely. You can set the hair dryer to lowest heat for better results. We recommend you not to use more electrical appliances for hair drying as it can loose the bond of your weave.


Regularly moisturize your weave: If you want to add some fun and beauty to your weave hair, use the appropriate amount of leave-in-conditioner to your weave daily. Gently massage the moisture throughout your head to get a silky and shiny hair.

Meet your stylist often: What if you do take care of your weave and it still does not look salon ready? If you want to keep a fresh and shiny look for a long time, visiting your stylist once a month is extremely important. They will definitely deal with all hair problems such as broken hairs, loose braids and help you get healthy hair and a look you’d be satisfied with.


Tips For Protecting Your Weave.

Don’t scratch your scalp: If you wash your hair every once or two weeks, your scalp might get itchy. Avoid using your nails or hard-toothed comb while combing your hair. Your skin is so delicate and if you scratch your scalp hardly, you could end up with scabs. Instead, you can use soothing oil for massaging your scalp

  • Make a blend of tea tree oil and olive or coconut oil and thoroughly apply to your scalp. This method is a great way to soothe and refresh your scalp. Because the excess of everything is bad, don’t use this mixture too much, otherwise, it will get oily.


Try in low heat: It’s vital to use low heat setting while blow-drying your hair. Too much heat not only damage your extensions but also burn your hair and scalp. Besides that, don’t use curling or flat irons. These precautions will help keep your weave in an awesome condition.

Tie your hair up: Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, working or sleeping,  it’s always a great idea to keep your hair up. Keeping your hair up will prevent hair loss, alleviates frizz and allow your weave to look fresh and beautiful. Moreover, you should wrap up your hair in a scarf while sleeping. It will prevent them from tangling and getting lumpy.

Braid your hair: It’s one of the easiest ways to keep you weave curly. Make sure to tie your hair up in a headscarf. You can use bobby pins to hold big and soft curls in place under your scarf.

Give your hair a break: Depending on the type of weave and maintenance, weaves not last more than 2 months. When you’re about to buy a new weave, give your hair a break of two to four weeks. It will help prevent your hair from any damage. You can make your hair carpet ready and in the best shape by thoroughly conditioning your hair during this time period.